I just checked the ten day weather forecast. Oh, slay me! It's not just going to be mildly warm for the, that won't happen until the slight "cool down" into the high seventies mid next week. No, it will be genuinely HOT here for the next five days or so. As in, the nineties!

Not that the weather is really worth blogging about. It's just that...well, I was curious this morning when the house hadn't cooled down any overnight, and then I had to vent.


Anonymous said…
Our weather forecast includes two words never heard in the same sentence: October and muggy! But, beats 40's and raining, which October is sometimes.
Anonymous said…
What are you doing up and blogging at 4:27 a.m.? Trying to follow your chiropractor's suggestions, maybe? :)bjm
emily said…
We went to the fair today and it was positively sweltering. This is October in New England - where is my crisp autumn air?!
Lightfinder said…
The time on the blogger clocks are never the actual time... I think its GMT or something... I really don't know. I've just noticed that they are always wrong.

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