Friday, September 28, 2007

Not What I expected

I've been feeling the nudgies lately, that I need to get off my rear and start taking some food down to the Catholic Action Center again, regularly. I used to do that and then I got lazy.

Today I woke up to a freezer door that had been open all night and a freshly stocked freezer full of thawed meat that was refridgerator cold, but no longer frozen. In other words, fine to cook and eat today...not so fine to re-freeze.

I guess that's my answer, eh?

I also need to get the oil changed and transmission fluid flush and fill on my mini-van.

And I need to schedule a trip to the dentist to take care of a tooth that is getting interesting, before it becomes a root canal situation.

Then, I guess I need to buy some more meat.

Glory to God for all things.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And all this on your dad's birthday!