Tuesday, September 25, 2007

About this LIfe

Well, I think I've hit my home schooling rhythm. It needs to involve an alarm clock so that I'm getting up earlier, but for now we have found a way to get all seven subjects covered in a decent amount of time. While I have not actually in real life read any Charlotte Mason materials, I find that I'm gravitating towards that style, in the sense that I have some sit down time with all four kids each morning, where we say morning prayers, read the Lectionary, then I do some Catechism work with them, then some Ancient History. After that it's English, Math, History paper work, and Rosetta Stone (everyone is learning German and my oldest is also doing Spanish), which they have to have done by 2 pm. At that point I give them a Botany lesson, and our day is over.

I'm having trouble fitting in enough time to wade through all my e-mail lists, so this morning I culled a bunch of those. Sigh. Seems like each one was somehow relevant to my life. But I must pick and choose.

We started a new diet for my daughter with Autism and I'm in the process of finding a doctor who follows a bio-medical approach to fight this illness. The new diet, however, is really helping. Getting more eye-contact and social interaction. While GFCF is good, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is better! Check out the book _Breaking the Vicious Cycle_ to learn more.

One of the things the SCD calls for is 24 hour yogurt to help re-populate the gut with friendly bacteria. Well, since she's got Autism, we're doing the goat milk yogurt, which is lower and casein and friendlier to digest. I made up a huge batch in my yogurt maker and now we are learning to love the goaty essence of this new food. I think I'm going to try and turn some of it into a soft, spreadable cheese. The probiotic benefits will be preserved.

Well, we are having fun, and everyone is learning. That's one thing I like about this life, is the opportunity to constantly learn new things. And, we started reading _The Hobbit_ together! All of us are enjoying that.

When, oh when is the weather going to cool down? The ten day forecast has a dip into the seventies for a few days at the end of this week, but the first week of October is going to be back up into the eighties. While I was out walking and sweating yesterday I was thinking about the soon-to-come season change, and how knowing it's coming gives me patience with the hot-for-now weather.

The trees are fallish, and acorn detritus, busy squirrels, dark mornings and earlier evenings, orange tinted trees and grass that is really not growing any more are all signs that fall is here. But the air temps are HOT. We still have everything opened up all day, with fans going. And it's still sandals and t-shirts, that's for sure.

That's the thing about this life: The tension between te Now and the Not Yet...awaiting the parousia. And so we carry on.



elizabeth said...

it is hot here too, and i am a bit north of you!

sounds like some good routines - wishing you more good days... :)

Joyful Days said...

I think we could find our rhythm if life didn't get in the way. But then maybe life is the lesson.

The yogurt and cheese sound wonderful.