This feels like a JOB!

Home school is definitely more intense this year than it was last year. Don't get me wrong: I'm very much enjoying it. But I also am keenly aware that I'm going to have to find some "recharge my batteries" time each week, alone. I'm also aware that I need to find a balance with the housework.

Oy! I keep neglecting to fold laundry, moving the heap of clean stuff to my bed every morning and back to the living room couch each night.

I dreamed last night that that I was contemplating getting a job at walmart for 13 hours a week (weird, huh?) but that in my dream I decided against it because physically I'd not be able to do it. That's the barrier I always run up against in my life. I guess I know it even in my dreams.

Nothing interesting to add. I must go shopping for food. I want to buy more interesting things than food, but that's life, I guess.


Amy said…
It is a job, no doubt about it. And I suspect that as the older the children get, the harder it gets in many ways. The subjects are harder, the questions are deeper, the stakes are probably higher. Here's hoping you find alone time and a good balance. And when you figure it out, let us know so we can copy!!

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