Friday, August 10, 2007

Something a Little More Cheerful

Seems there's been plenty of "woe is me" on my blog lately.

Well, the repair man came and went and my oven is fixed. I"m grateful for that. Then, while I was a Church Wednesday night, my husband did the the broken dishwasher...because he'd forgotten it was broken. And it worked just fine, drained just fine, etc. I've been using it since. So, my dishwasher is at least temproarily healed, paise God! I figure someone is prayin' out there in blogland.

I often forget to pray about stuff like that. Or if I do, it's more of the "Why God?" type of payer. In my universe, every little thing tends to need to have cosmic and spiritual significance. For my salvation yadayadayada.

Let's see...took my youngest to the eyedoc today and she does not need glasses. She's barely borderline nearsighted with an astigmatism, but the doc said that for now he'd wait. She'll need them someday. But THIS is not that day!

I got some lenses for me put in some Ralph Lauren frames that a friend gave me. They are much cooler than the dorky what-was-I smoking-? frames I've been forced to wear for the past year or so. I was in a girly, sparkly mood last time I went to get glasses, and came home with some vaguely cat-eye shaped frames that had silver-markasite type sparklies at the corners. Those glasses have been the bane of my looks ever since, and I've cringed every time I look in the mirror. Grace, that's what these new frames are: Pure grace!

What else is good? My husband is finally cutting the lawn. Its been long and scraggly.

School is going well so far. We got three days in this week, and are developing a rhythm. I'm keeping up on the paper grading this year if it kills me. That's my big goal.

Speaking of goals, I realized today that I don't have any big dreams or life goals for myself. Is this a bad thing, or a good thing? I'm just totally wrapped up in my momjob of homeschooling and doing the things I do that my life is very daily. So I don't have a list of big dreams like ceasing to be a mediocre guitar player or traveling Europe. While I'd love to do both of those things, it just seems like life has framed me in in such a way that those dreams have ceased to be significant.

Either that, or I've just given up hope. I wonder which it is.

Ah, even my cheerful post ends on a morose note. That's just the way I am lately.

When is there going to be a cold front? I could use one of those right about now!


elizabeth said...

glad to hear! i think we all know what it is like ... to have house things not going right... i waited ten months to have my curtians up, for instance and to be able to see fabric instead of black city night is wonderful...
very wonderful RE: glasses, dishwasher, grass cutting... Glory to God!
i dont currently have huge goals either, just am living and going to church... :)

bjm said...

Maybe a good goal for this stage of life is to raise kids that become productive, reflective, responsible, loving adults. If I remember correctly that was about the only goal I had when I was your age. :)