The Seamstress is In

Just thought I'd announce it here:

I'm at a place where I'm open to sewing/needle work, if anyone out there needs to hire a seamstress. Fair trade labor, and all that. My home school could use a shot in the arm, funding-wise.

Long distance, I can do mantillas or free-hand machine embroidered cloths or scarves, baby gifts (cute rag dolls and such), baptismal gowns for infants, baby quilts, baby slings, etc.

Order now for hand knitted scarves or shawls for Christmas gifts. You get the drift. I can pretty much do anything.

Prices to be negotiated.


Liz in Seattle said…
How gorgeous! The baby quilt reminds me of my own "pink blanket" from days of yore. I can just feel it between my fingers.

Not in the market for baby or girl stuff myself, but I'll keep my ears out around church. :-)
SheBear said…
Hey Alana! I have a project, and I have been thinking about you, because this project is way beyond me.

A couple years ago, I found a cute, simple little modest (unisex) bathing suit for ds. He's outgrown it and now dd is wearing it, but it won't fit her next year. I can't find any similar suits anywhere!! :(

So, I've been thinking that this suit is designed fairly simply, I should be able to sew one myself, if, alas, I had a pattern.

Soooooo.....would you be interested in making a pattern for me? The catch is, I'd want multiple sizes.....for the kids as they get bigger, but heck, even for myself!

I have no idea how difficult a project that would be, but you are the only sewing wizard I know, so I thought at the very least you could give me a reality check, LOL! :)

LMK if you are interested! you can email me shebear234 AT gmail DOT com
Mimi said…
I love the mantillas you made for me, I may have you make me some napkins, let me kick that around for a bit.
Alana said…
Shebear, see my e-mail to you.

Mimi--bring it on! :-)

Today I went to the thrift store and bought a sweater to recycle. I'm going to pull it apart and make a nice shawl out of it. The color is a deep, very deep teal/emerald color, and it will go marvelously with either black or brown, my two winter basic colors. My fingers are itching to knit!
Anonymous said…
I may have you make me a lonngg scarf. I hate wearing hats in the winter. I can never find a scarf long enough to wear over my head and wrap around my neck too.
You have been very crafty and handy with a needle for as long as I can remember. I love the works you have shown.
Xenia Kathryn said…
How much would you charge for a headscarf with a bit of embroidery in the corner (similar to the work in your third photo).

And... would you ever consider a trade? I am an artist and I could paint you something or trade something I've already done. ?
Alana said…
Xenia Katherine,

trade...not so much. I'm really in it for earning some cash. Can't take my kids to the zoo with a painting.

A headscarf with embroidery on one corner (embroidery done with a sewing machine, but free-hand) would be $25.00, or so, depending on how elaborate a design (how many colors, etc.) For a long scarf with motif on both ends, $40.00.
Dollymama said…
I love that quilt (love all quilts!) and that sweet dolly. :)

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