Quote of the week in my life.

A Catholic friend of mine visited Orthodox vespers with me last night: "Wow! It's like worship on Steroids!"

Yeah, that'd be us....{grin}. Afterwards we discussed how we'd both like to see an end to the [Not-so-]Great Schism in our lifetimes. Girls can dream, can't they? Well, at any rate we can pray.

Thanks for coming with me, my friend.


emily said…
"Worship on steroids." *giggle* Love it!
Mimi said…
james said…
Not to insult your Catholic friend at all, but I think most Catholics are ignorant of the richness of their own liturgical tradition. Many of them have probably never attended the Tridentine Latin Mass (there is one in Lexington every Sunday at 4 p.m.), or seen any of the other liturgies (such as Vespers).

Unfortunately, most RCs these days only go to Mass (if that), and never attend any of the post-Vatican II liturgies such as Vespers -- and seem to have no clue that the liturgies were ever in Latin.

Again, I don't mean to be mean toward your Catholic friend, but to hear a Roman Catholic say that kills me because there are liturgies in the RC tradition just as "juiced" (to use a roid term) as any Orthodox liturgy.

There is a wonderful little (pre-Vatican II) book I once had, but gave away, that contained the entired daily office (horologian). It was quite "juiced."

I think maybe if more Roman Catholics would learn about their own tradition they'd see how much in common they have with the Orthodox.

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