Yesterday Molly came for dinner and we ended up having a grand ol' time going through my closet. I'm in a bit of a transition phase right now, somehow I've changed on the inside, and some of my clothes just aren't ME anymore.

Time for a revamp. She has such a good sense of style, being an artist and all that,and a real eye for color, and we ruthlessly went through everything. Prints and OUT, except for a very few subtle printed skirts and a couple of April Cornell dresses that just sort of flow the right way.

Other than that, it's blacks, browns, charcoal gray, that color of the sky just before it gets really dark, light blue, white, cream and maroon. If nature does it (black and brown tree bark for example) I can do it too. That's the rule. Black velvet/velour goes with anything except for more black velvet. I have three such items in my wardrobe. Linen is my friend in the summer. Flowing tunic length things, and fabulous scarves for drama.

Pink is totally verboten, forbidden, off limits, OUT, except for one deep rose silk scarf and a scarf that might possibly be silk that I've had since Switzerland that I will NOT get rid of.

So, today I bleached out some of my things to prepare them to be dyed black. I hope the color takes, especially on this one particular pink sweater that fits me well. It needs to be black.

I peeked in the bleach load and one sweater that was green is now a beautiful cream/off white color and I think it's going to stay that, rather than go into the dye bath.

I'm having fun doing all this. I'm also doing some sewing today, and I let the kids have the day off from school. It's a mom-feeds-her-soul/sanity day. I feel energized. This is good.

Now if I could just figure out what to do with my hair!


Mimi said…
Oooh, that sounds awesome. I can see pink being a nice accent for those colors you have chosen.

And, we all need a dress or two that flows "just so"
Anonymous said…
What happened to your "new" hairstyle a few months back? It looked great. And your new wardrobe sounds great. I love dark colors :) Which is probably obvious since about 75% of the time I am wearing black!
Alana said…
I do like to straighten my hair every now and then, but the plan is to grow it out long, and I don't want to damage it.

My problem is that although I have NOT cut my hair in over a year, I have these short hairs along my hair line that keep coming in, and look like really really bad bangs, and unless my hair is clean and styled fresh, they stick up like evil horns, putting my pony-tail wearing self securely in the "she looks like she's from the ghetto" camp...which technically I am, but I sort of don't want to look it, KWIM?
Maria said…
So do you know how to dye silk? I have a floor-length, off white, Greek-goddess dress I'm looking to make charcoal or black.

Anonymous said…
Unless mine stops freaking falling out soon, I'm going to have to cut it to 3/4 inch and bleach it white for funk. Run my fingers through my hair and end up with a handful.

Maybe one of those nice wide headbands, along with some styling gel, for the bangs? Also there's this leave-in conditioner, Biolage, which I really like. It seems $$ (maybe $14) for a bottle but it lasts a very long time.

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