Must. Blog. Something. Profound.


Profundity escapes me. I refuse to be a faker and just cough stuff for the sake of.

Keepin' it real, folks. Lately I've been up to my neck in English grammar, grading math workbooks, and giving botany lessons. As much as my kids hate grammar, I console them with this: I hate it too, and have to give FOUR lessons per day in the subject.

One of my kids is Rain man, One of them is Hermione Granger, one is a budding radical, and the other is a guy stuck living amongst so many females that he just has to go ride his bike at times.

Tomorrow I'm taking a "teacher in service day" to get caught up on grading, get caught up on some sewing that needs to happen, and go visit some folks down in Wilmore.

Real life happens. That's one thing I like about Home School.

Check it out: for those of you who live in or near my town: Kroger has sirloin tip roasts on sale for 1.99 per pound. I bought a 21.85 chunk o'meat, had it cut into many plate sized steaks (each one of which is big enough for the entire family for a meal) and two roasts. That was a 28.00 dollar saving off the regular price. My friend Tabitha turned me on to the fact that Kroger will cut your meat for you, for free. I'm such a looser, I didn't know that. Usually my beef consists of ground, but tonight we dined on steak that was cheaper than ground beef. Glorious. And with it were fresh tomatoes, mustard greens and arugula mixed, some organic goat cheese (divine!), cucumbers, cantaloupe and grapes. My friend who came for dinner brought a delightful rice and spinch dish. We feasted. Just because.


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