Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Is there a Gardner in the House?

Well, it's official. My oldest daughter has a green thumb. I sort of wondered what would develop when we brought her home and started home schooling her. Turns out, she started by growing things like alfalfa sprouts and the like.

Then, yesterday, suddenly some very interesting little pots of plants appeared on the back porch: She'd sprouted and started corn and beans IN HER ROOM! My goodness! And they made their appearance yesterday, ready to graduate from their little wet cotton nursery into the pots she prepared for them.

Today she planted sweet potatoes in an old tub and she tells me she's been reading up on container gardening. It is SO the wrong time of year...but the goal, at this point is green stuff, not food.

I, personally, have always wanted to turn some spare attic space into an indoor garden with the right kind of grow lights. Perhaps I won't have to do all the work, after all.

My son, who was complaining loudly about her planting sweet potatoes, is appalled. I overheard her asking him to promise to be nice to the plants.

She and I had a good laugh together over her newfound interest: Plants make the perfect friends for autistic kids, because they don't require social skills but you can still talk to them. ;-)

My two youngest got out the microscope today, and were busy comparing tap water to rain water. Then my second got some mud and they looked at that. It took some doing to convince my son that the squiggly thing he was seeing was NOT DNA.

And my youngest has been enjoying the pottery wheel she got for her birthday. I've always dreamed of trying that myself. Maybe if I ask nicely she'll let me borrow it a bit. What if we had a real one, and then built a kiln out back? One can dream.


Mimi said...

In her room????? She's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that your daughter's greatgrandpa in TX has a gift for planting and growing, harvesting and selling. I hope she finds the joy in nurturing plants that he has had in his 90+ years. Perhaps green-thumbness is in the DNA. :)