I Loved this Book

Bobbie Faye's Very (very very very) Bad Day by Toni McGee Causey, published by St. Martin's Griffin

Oh, my! This book was hilarious. Now, don't go reading it if you can't tolerate a bit (Ok, so more that a bit) of southern cussin' 'cause that's just how Bobbie Faye talks, and to be quite honest, so would I if I had the kind of day she had.

The whole book, all 321 pages of it, covers one day. A very bad day, of course. Very very very bad day. Let's just say she wakes up with two inches of water in a trailer that's filling up like a bathtup, which eventually falls apart, and her day just gets worse from there. But Bobbie Faye somehow rallies. I won't spoil it. Go and read it for yourself.

I truly, truly hope they make it into a movie. I e-mailed the author today and she replied that some plans to that effect are in the works. Hope all works out.

Go check out bobbiefaye.com and watch the youtube videos. It's just fun.


Mimi said…
Oooh, off to put it on my "list" at Paperback Swap! Thanks!

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