Busy, busy!

Doing school with the kids is so much fun. But that's not what I'm going to blog about.

After I got the kids school work done, I had to run out the the post office and mail a certified letter to the superintendant of the schools to tell him that I'm homeschooling.

Then I got gas (felt like I drifted inton the gas station parking lot of fumes!) and picked up a gallon of milk that turned out to be clabbered. Oh darn! I guess I just HAD to make biscuits. Yum!

But that's not what I'm going to blog about.

I'm also not going to blog about the homeschool group kickoff event I went to. I generally can't stand those things, but I joined the Jessamine county homeschool group so that I could get my kids into P.E. at Asbury college. The kickoff was rife with crowds, a clown, one doilie wearing mennonite (talk about flash back!) and a few faces I knew from over ten years ago when I lived in Jessamine County.

But that's not what I'm going to blog about.

The cool thing I did today was restyle a couple of shirts I had. One one white linen shirt the sleeves were too tight at the wrist, so I cut them off and made elbow length sleeves, and did a cute scallop embroidery with my machine: White on white. And, I took the collar off to make it a mandarin collar, and did it neatly with a seam ripper and re-sewing the seam I ripped. I also altered a linen/rayon pale purple shirt in the same manner, minus the scalloped embroidery, since that shirt has a textured weave that would clash with cuteness.

I've been feeling very stongly like it's time to update my look. I need to dress in a more dignified manner. I own too many skirts with pink floral prints on them. Now, mind you, my skirt wardrobe is a far sight better than my DRESS wardrobe was about ten years ago. I have one picture in which I look very much like a chintz sofa, unfortunately. The skirts were a toned down version of that fashion mistake era in my life.

I'm finally ready to take the next step. I'm thinking solid colors in muted tones. I am, after all, thirty seven years old. Time for a little bit of dignity.

Seriously, if left to my own devices, I'd be wearing home-sewn dresses made out of quilting fabrics. Believe me, when I say that's my antural proclivity. Why, I do not know.

I'd better go. Time for family prayers.


Dollymama said…
I almost went to kick off night, but ended up skipping it. Glad I missed it, but would have enjoyed seeing you. The Mennonite....you and I could have laughed together, eh?

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