Friday, July 13, 2007

Thy Will be Done

Sometimes you go along, praying about something, getting excited about dreams, ideas, "a vision", "a calling"...whatever you want to call it. And it seems good. And it seems holy. And the door slams shut in your face and it becomes clear that praying
"Thy will be done" can sometimes mean that even for the seemingly good stuff, you don't get your way.

That God has different plans.

Today is such a day, and I'm waiting for my emotions to catch up with my will to say "yes" to God...even God's potential "no's".

Story of my life.

In happier news, I found an April Cornell dress at the thrift store my size, and it looks nice on me! Pale yellow with pretty blue flowers. Not suave or hip or anything, but pretty, I think.

And a really pretty simple pink vase. Now I wish I had daisies to go in it.

This kids scored some cool finds at the thrift store too: my oldest, in particular, found the next level clarinet book in the series she's been using, for sixty cents!

Must. Get. Out. Of. This. Funk. And. Go. Do. Some. Chores.


Joyful Days said...

Doors are difficult things to accept sometimes. Very sorry that this was dear to your heart and not happening.

And--yay! about the dress. I love those colors.

Mimi said...

Good shopping.

You have my prayers, my friend.

Dollymama said...

I hear you on that praying and door shutting thing.....