Monday, July 02, 2007


Michelle Melania tagged me. Eight random things:

1. I have really small ears and a big head. Hats rarely fit me.
2. For a chronically ill person, I exercise alot. Come to think of it, I exercise alot, for an american. And I"m still fat. Go figure. Hate to think how fat I'd be if I didn't exercise. This IS the "good version" of me. Today I walked four miles.
3. I love submarines: pictures of them, books and movies about them, the way the water looks flowing over the front part, etc. Oh, and bonus trivia, I like Naval histories as well. And another bonus, I've never been on a boat on the ocean.
4. I'm horribly afraid of heights, but not of flying, per se, although I'd be afraid to fly now days for fear of getting stuck on a tarmac somewhere for eight hours with no food.
5. I'm allergic to peanuts, and did not develop that allergy until I was 36 years old.
6. I love to sing and think I'd have a very good voice if I ever got voice lessons.
7. I write songs.
8. I speak/read four languages, with plans to learn at least two more soon: English, Swiss, German, French, and I'd like to add Spanish and Russian. I've also studied Biblical Greek, but can't seem to locate the file in my brain where most of that information is kept. I think it got erased and written over by the motherhood files.

I'm too lazy to tag anyone.


Michelle Melania said...

First of all: You are NOT fat! You are beautiful. I think you're biggest problem is that you married a bean pole. I, forunately, married a chubby man, so I usually feel skinny next to him. :)

Second: I'm glad you did the meme. It seems like everyone is doing this one right now- so I guess that makes us cool.

Third: Thanks for praying for me!

Mimi said...

You sing beautifully! I can vouch for that.

I also have a big head. Intrepret that as you will...