Project Pictures

Here's my latest handiwork. It's a confection of a baptismal gown. Looks good enough to eat. Off white dupioni silk with white free-hand machine embroidery and appliqueed lace flowers. Fully lined. Cotton crocheted lace bonnet is by my thirteen year old daughter.


Anonymous said…
Alana! That's beautiful!
Philippa said…
Beautiful craftsmanship. And kudos to your 13 y.o. Is she willing to come to my house and teach me to crochet like that? That's exactly what I want to learn to do!!!

Does she have any suggestions?
Alana said…
The bonnet is actually simple. In order to crochet like that, just get a book or a person to teach you the basic stitches, and how to read a pattern. Beyond that, it's a matter of what kind of thread you use, and getting the right size hook so your project doesn't end up all loose and loopy.
Elizabeth said…
oh, how gorgeous !
You are **both** so incredibly talented "!
Mimi said…
Oh my goodness, it is gorgeous!
lisa said…
Wow. This is so beautiful!

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