Kids at Camp

After Liturgy yesterday, we came home and packed up our kids for camp. The drive there took about two and a half hours. We dropped them off (the two older ones, that is) and the rest of us headed back. It was time for supper and we wanted to eat at some local place. Country Cookin'. We figured southern Indiana would be full of places like that.

We were wrong. The two or three places we did see along our route were closed because it was Sunday evening. We had a most unsatisfying meal at KFC, due more to the lousy teenage-hoosier service than the actual taste of the food. And while we were eating, I remembered that we'd forgotten to give the girls their spending money.

Fortunately, we were only fifteen miles away from Camp when I realized this. So, back we went, dropped off the spending money. That added so much time to our trip! It felt like it, at least.

We didn't get home until 10:45. Between driving slow to try and find someplace good to eat and having to go back, the trip felt like forever.

And to make it all worse, I was having a really bad day, physically. In pain all day long.

What's the purpose of that?

Today no pain yet. Just very tired.


elizabeth said…
have been thinking of you...

it is hard to understand pain's purpose a lot of the time in my experience;

i think of psalm 119 and how affliction is to teach us, but sometimes i am not sure what i am learning!

hope you feel less pain and less wearyness soon.
Mimi said…
May they have a good time at camp, and prayers to you.
Anonymous said…
Alana, I don't have the problems that you do with food. KFC puts me over the edge......they have one of the highest MSG counts in food of any other fast food rest. I hope that it doesn't bother you!


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