Just another Manic Sunday...

...oh, oh, oh...wish it were Monday. 'Cuz that's my fun day...oh, oh, oh...my "I don't have to run day"...just another manic Sunday.

Yeah, so I changed the words a little bit. I think the reason I"m so slammed is carbohydrate withdrawal. The fatigue is immense: like my body is in a cast and just does not want to move. But my brain is still alive, so I feel somewhat trapped.

I managed to make it the Church this morning, and even through the wedding. The pews at our parish are total spine-crunchers and I had to ask my husband to fetch me a chair out of the office. He brought it clear to the front of the nave where I was sitting, and there I perched. (Now don't go writing me and telling me I ought to be standing...HA!) It was a wee bit embarrassing. I don't think I've been this tired since needing a wheelchair at the museum in Chicago last fall.

And our reel mower is terrible. Not that we don't like the idea of a reel mower, just that the particular one we bought is a piece of crap, since the height adjuster is soft plastic, and just. won't. stay. put. So the machine clogs on regular grass because it gets it too close to the ground and it's impossible to use. The height adjuster of our next mower is going to be metal, durable and have notches or something. We are SUCH bad shoppers!


Mimi said…
Ugh. We used to have a reel mower, and I think it worked pretty well.

I'm glad you were at church for the entire thing and the wedding too. If anyone gives you grief about using a chair, I'll kick 'em in the knees for you. ;)

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