I SO nailed it on my predictions for the seventh Harry Potter book. I know it's too soon to blog about details, but my husband, with whom I shared my guesses knows the truth of it. And I'm not talking about who gets killed or not killed. I nailed my predictions about Snape and Dumbledore.

The series is an excellent, excellent story, and as thoroughly Christian in the end as Lewis' or Tolkien's works. Crass commercialization aside, in my opinion this series is one of the greats.


Mimi said…
Good job! I thought it was excellent, and I agree - it was very Christian.

Dh is reading it now.
Joyful Days said…
It was well done. I was so pleased with the ending on so many levels. It definitely did have the allegory quality to it
Liz in Seattle said…
Check out the huge thread on Paradosis...

I finished on Saturday at dinner time. Could not/would not put it down :-)

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