Wednesday, July 11, 2007

...and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance...

Two out of four of my kids learned to ride their bikes yesterday. One already figured it out a few years ago, and the youngest is thus far less motivated.

I'm very glad for them. Bike riding is fun.

I'm terrified. Bike riding can be dangerous.

...and I have learned how to: remove and replace a wheel, a tire, an inner tube, and readjust seats/handlebars and get a bike chain back in position. I don't particularlty enjoy getting my fingers greasy.

Seriously, I'm happy for my kids, though.

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Mimi said...

looks around, and then leans in to whisper - I still think kids look like geeks in their helmets. Not that I don't make my kids wear them.

Glad to hear of the bipedal mobility all around!