Monday, June 18, 2007

Vacation Church School...Day 1

I"m the pre-school/Kindergarten/First grade teacher and we have a pile of kids in that age group. Fortunately, there are two wonderful assistants. The morning kept me busy with teaching the miracle of Jesus walking on the water, and various cutting/coloring activities related thereunto. Then was a quick lunch followed by two 30 minute sessions in which I helped teach the kids some songs. Olders, then youngers. So, in other words, pulling double duty.

I really should not be blogging. I really should be making flannel pictures of the healing of the ten lepers story, so that I can use them for tomorrow's lesson. Procrastinating.

And on an unrelated note, if you have the time, go to and do a search on Fat Rant. That's a good video. I wish I were more like the gal on that video, at least in my thinking patterns. Sigh.

I walked 5 miles this morning before VCS. And after VCS I took the kids to the library and then came home and slept for a while. My husband is on a retreat at the monastery, and I miss him, so lots of tossing and turning last night. I really hope he does not die and leave me a widow, at least while the kids still have to be raised. That's one of my biggest fears, I think. Safe driving, my love.

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Mimi said...

You go, girl! Congrats on the regular exercise.