Taking the Chic out of Shabby-Chic

This is the summer for doing without, I think. Currently broken at our house:

Air conditioner. And no money to fix it.
Dishwasher. And no money to fix that either. Now we can add to the list the
Lawn mower. Still no money to fix anything. Oh, and did I mention the
FURNACE? Fortunately, we have until October to save up for that expense. It's the priority item.

This is in addition to other small and not-so-small repairs that our home could really use:
a chimney liner,
a termite inspection/treatment,
drywall repaired and paint in bathroom,
baseboard thingies to fill in the gap between our floor and our baseboard from where we used to have carpet...which got pulled up years ago.

I"m seriously praying nothing happens to my washer, dryer, stove or fridge. THOSE items truly ARE necessities.

I try not to be envious of others who have nicer things. Really, I do.

This afternoon I"m going to try and attack the lawn with our hopefully functioning weed eater. The grass is, after all, short from the drought. It's just these tall weedy grass flowers that have sprung up that need to be gotten rid of.

I'd rather take a nap!


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