More Chic...

I mean shabby...

So, I went to weed-whack the tall growing things in my lawn the other day, and the weed whacker wouldn't start, either. Figures.

We are thinking of getting one of those simple push mowers, but of course they don't do well on weeds, which would mean we need to get something to grassify our lawn. Maybe a goat would be in better order?

I'm coming home from VCS everyday just exhausted. I slept off and on yesterday afternoon, and my kids were so BORED that they were in tears by supper time. I think the tears probably had more to do with not eating a proper snack in the afternoon.

I. have. got. to. quit. eating. so. many. CARBS! I hurt all over again, and I KNOW it's partially diet related (Ah, the interesting ways hypoglycemia and fibromyalgia do intersect!). It's really really hard not to just go with the flow during fasting periods. I succumb all too easily to bread, rice, pop-corn and tortilla chips. Those things are everywhere. Auuuuuuuuuugh! And the thing is, I can sort of get away with it for a while, and then, BAM! The pain hits me like a dam breaking and I know I have to clean up my act. I should be eating protein, some fat, and non-starchy veggies. Arg. Bread, bread, bread: my doom.


Paige said…
Could you rent a lawnmower from your neighbors? Pay them like, $2 for the use of it for an afternoon? My experience with the "blades on wheels" push mowers (we had one when I was a kid) is that they are nearly as expensive as gas or electric mowers, and the blades have to be sharpened about five times as often.

On an unrelated note, do you or DH run Linux on your home computer(s)? I have a Linux-related question that none of my Windows-enslaved colleagues can answer.
Dixie said…
It is SO HARD to be low carb during the fast. I have permission to eat low carb protein bars (the protein source in them usually comes from milk) but there surely are limited options. In the Greek church we are allowed fish for the Apostle's fast (except for Wed. and Fr.) so tuna has been a major staple. I have bought a bag of those little bitty frozen shrimp. The bag is expensive (over $9) but it goes a long way. I heat up that shrimp in a little olive oil and add some seasoning...put it on salad greens with onions, some olives, etc. That makes for a reasonable dinner. Nuts have been a nice mainstay as well but the lowest in carbs are the most expensive (macadamia). Avocado is both filling and reasonably low in carbs...although I know it is not cheap either.

I know what you mean about carbs being practically like poison to some folks. I am hungry this fast but not like I usually am when I load up on carbs. Fasting with high carb intake makes me ravenous, nervous and crazy all wrapped into one. And heaven help anyone who get's in mama's way when I am like that!!!

I am absolutely amazed at how much better I feel now that I have cut out the carbs.
Alana said…
My priest says my fast is to stick with my doctor's diet. And that is really hard these days. It was easier a year ago, for some reason.
Anonymous said…
You can't just have one goat, it will get lonely. Better to have a herd and rent them out to your neighbours and make your own cheese ;-) I met a woman in Colorado who does that - she has a huge herd of goats that she trucks around the SW to graze down unused ranchland. It's okay for the goats too as they get a long time noshing in between truck rides. You can tell I have nothing helpful to say about the more serious part of your post but I wish you well with it nonetheless.
Anonymous said…
Actually, having said that, I do empathise. I have "a lupus like disorder", ie, 10/15 on my rheumatologist's lupus score sheet and I know when I eat too many carbs I hurt a LOT more. I tried a low carb diet a while back and one night I fried up tofu and halloumi and I haven't been able to look at it since :-( I admire anyone who can keep it going like you do. It's awful really - one knows what to do yet doing it is soooo awful.

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