Saturday, June 30, 2007


I knew it would happen. After the day I pulled yesterday, I decided even before it hit me that I would ratchet my activites back today. Sure enough, by noon I was done for and so it's been taking it easy the rest of the day. Including staying home while the family goes to Vigil.

Ahhh, peace and quiet. A find myself ping-ponging between the family altar, some prayers, and the computer, and just sitting and being silent.

Silence is difficult to endure sometimes, even when I crave it. And my own restless company...also difficult to endure. "Anywhere but here!" my heart screams. I suppose this is a retreat, of sorts, albeit a very short one.

I keep wanting to call someone. Reach out and connect. But that never works, either. Too many friends lost or about to be. Now I'm even too tired to pray. I wish the sun would go down so the icons would look cool in the dark with candle light. As it is, everything is sort of evening-daytimish as is only possible in mid summer after 8 pm.

I'd better get off here, then, and go be quiet in my re-arranged living room. After all, the family will be back with their noisy needs soon enough.

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Michelle Melania said...

I was wondering where you were last night! Hope to see you today!