I know, I know...the monks at New Skete love dogs. I don't. Saints have communion with animals like Adam in the garden. I don't.

I've read enough about dogs, and doggish behavior to have an appreciation for how they function, and how well they can function in a human pack. I still don't like dogs, as a whole.

Individual dogs that belong to other people, and who are well leashed or fenced, and whose poop I don't have to scoop, I have no problem with. I even met a very charming labradoodle the other day that I would call adorable.

Dogs that rush me while I"m out walking, on the other hand...I don't like.

So, I'm out walking today, and come up one a house with front porch sitters who are smoking their cigs while their boxer is out front sniffing around. I approach on the sidewalk. The rude people don't call their dog back. I keep walking, dog spots me and come unglued. Rushing, growling and barking. Still, these nice neighborly people don't call their dog back. In a panic I call to them to call their dog back. Dog is about six inches away from me before they call her back. Niiiice!

So I start walking again and say "You need to put your dog on a leash!" And I get "EXCUUUUSE ME" punctuated by a belligerent swagger. Now the lady, withered crone in a house dress with a cigarrette dangling from her fingers, is on her feet at my end of the porch. Spoiling for a fight.

Oh, good grief. The swagger. Not the swagger. Please! Not the swagger! People around her get so stinkin' defensive when their rudeness is confronted. No one likes being told what to do, I suppose.

We exchanged words, and I tried hard to diffuse the situation. But everything I said, seems like just fed her fires. Good grief. Finally I said: "Listen, your dog scared the shit out of me back there, and how am I supposed to know it would never bite anyone?" And walked off.

"Never bite anyone" my arse! I don't think any dog owner has the right to EVER say that, unless their dog has no teeth. No, that dog would never bite a member of it's own family, but put a dog in the front yard while you are sitting on the porch, and that dog's every instinct is going to be to defend its people (pack) and its territory. Especially if it feels threatened. And NO dog knows about public sidewalks. You just can't erase instinct.

If you are a dog owner: PLEASE keep your dog penned or leashed. Just because you are sitting on the front porch does not mean you can let your dog loose in your front yard.

Nothing beats a good surge of fear induced adrenaline. Blech!


Anonymous said…
Aieee! Scary. Sorry the woman was rude to you in were right to finally call it like it was.

I used to like dogs but I don't much, any more. I like the Little Philosopher's Dog, but I've known him since he was smaller than a bag of sugar.
Anonymous said…
People are like that, their attitude its because its MINE, it's good :-( Some folk feel the same way about their children... some big 6' 15 year old can roar the 'F' word at the district nurse who has come to change their grannie's dressing and in mum's eyes it's okay *sigh* I used to look after an old lady who said she wanted the whole world to be "run through" a James Stewart movie :-) She had a point.
carmen said…
I carry dog Mace when I walk, and I think I'd have told the woman, "Call the dog back or I'll fire."
Kyralessa said…
If someone doesn't care about keeping her dog on a leash, she won't start to care just because you object. Instead of arguing, call the police and report it. (But I can understand the impulse to argue, and I probably would've too.)

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