Friday, June 29, 2007

Busy Day

Up at 5 a.m. for a 6:15 a.m. baptism and 7:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy. Seriously hard core! Sweet prayers. Richard David got wet! And then he got oily!

Got home, stopped by the bank on the way to get grocery cash. Then, I was in one of those moods (I'd had some coffee, and I don't usually do caffeine) where I HAD to rearrange and clean the living room. So I spent the rest of the morning flipping that room around, with the kids' help. It looks so nice now. The passage way in from the front is not blocked by my big chair, and the first thing the eyes see is the altar, since the TV is on the opposite side of the room now. When seated on the couch, one sees out the windows, which is lovely.

Then I went grocery shopping, and while I was there one of my kids managed to break off the sink faucet. Another broken thing. Now it's like totally medieval euro-chic in my kitchen. The kid who did the breakage will help with the payage for the replaceage.

So most of the rest of the downstairs got swept, dishes washed, etc. after I got home, and then a friend of mine came to visit us on her day off. I made brownies and we sat around the dining room table, me, her, the kids, and drank tea/coffee and had chocolate brownies (they turned out kind of torte-like) and the moment was just so european.

My dd and I played a few alto/soprano recorder duets for my friend, and then my dd kept playing and it made for some very cool background music. She's so talented!

It was a cloudy day here, but eventually we went to the pool. And I shivered. Home again, blueberries and gluten free pancakes for the kids, whole wheat spaghetti, and greens-n-zucchini cooked in garlic and olive oil for the grown ups.

A shared meal, and my friend stayed for evening prayers. I always like sharing evening prayers with my family and friends.

A very good day. I started hurting around noon, but just kept on going like the enrgizer bunny. Glory to God for the energy!

Tomorrow I MUST stay home and rest, lest I die on Sunday.


Margi (juliansdaughter) said...

My godson came today. First thing he did was put his football through the greenhouse but then he solved Dad's ongoing issue with the VCR which we figure is worth a pane of glass :-)

And my lupus is in overdrive so I know what you mean about resting or dying!

Mimi said...

Hopefully you are enjoying quietness today! It sounds like good busy (excepting the faucet, grrrrrr)