Tuesday, May 08, 2007

That which is Mundane

I sure did enjoy my break from fibro for the last couple of months! Here we go again. I guess that's what the exhaustion is from. I'm definitely hurting again, but it's slightly milder than before. And I can still do more than I used to be able to do. So it goes. The http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifreversal protocol works much the same as that for gout: I take the meds, they do their thing and cyclically (sometimes on, sometimes not on) the meds pull the gunk out that's causing the fibro symptoms. This gunk removal causes symptoms to be temporarily exacerbated. And then after a time, I get a symptom free break. And then it begins again. In about five years I should be done cycling altogether. Meanwhile, I live with this up and down. However, my down is not nearly as low as it used to be. And my up times are more like normal, and they are lasting longer. This last good phase was from early lent until now. Thanks God!

I finally put two and two together yesterday when I was needing a nap at around 2 pm. I'd spent the morning alternating between helping kids with lessons, doing laundry, and doing lots of cooking and clean up in the kitchen: Got a turkey going early in the morning (I stick it in frozen, so it takes a long time), and when it was cooked I made stuffing our of left-over gluten free bread bits that I'd been saving in the freezer and stuck it in the fridge to be baked for dinner, I made banana muffins which the kids promptly devoured, I made salmon croquettes for lunch...so I was busy and then I needed to rest.

But my rest did not take as long, and after only a bit, I was recovered enough to run an errand. Did that, and then I sort of took it easy until supper time. There was NO WAY I was going to mow the lawn. I did not have THAT in me! But then I was able to run another errand after supper. I wanted to get some gfcf bread at the health food store, since I often have trouble with my loaves not turning out. I figured it would be good to have an emergency stash. Well, this morning I went to toast a piece for one of my kids and suddenly I'm way more impressed with my humble gfcf brad efforts because the store bought bread also fell apart. So much for toast. I turned it into French toast, instead, and the texture was kind of gluey. My bread's better.

I guess I'm baking bread today.

May God be glorified in the mundanity of my life. Mundanity...is that a word?


Alana said...

Darn it! For some reason blogger is not letting me edit the typo in this post. I know I need to clean it up, but every time I try to edit it, it won't let me publish the edited version of this post saying that the blog ID field cannot be left blank. What the heck is the blogID field????

Ruth said...

Dunno about the blog ID field but yes, mundanity is a word. :-)

Jasmine said...

Hey Alana, since I don't have time to call or email anyone much anymore, and so much has happened since we last talked, quick update here. Hope you don't mind. I'm divorced, remarried to a very nice man, and have a new baby boy. I don't know how fibro feels, but I do have this thyroid problem, which goes even crazier than usual postpartum, so I am now struggling to regain my health too. Had to stop breastfeeding and start a bunch of meds all over again today. Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon within a few months. Kind of sad about stopping the breastfeeding though. Take care, glad you are well.