Thursday, May 24, 2007


God provides!

I've been praying about textbooks for next year. So far someone sent us the right Biology text book because their kid didn't like it, and today my dd's Spanish teacher loaded us down with a Spanish 2 text, Teacher's Manual, and a bunch of Spanish 1 workbooks and a couple of easy Spanish novels that will be on the right level for next year.

It's a start, and a huge gift! Thank you, God!

My daughter's teacher also told me that my daughter is hands down the BEST language student she's ever had the pleasure to teach. I"m very proud.


bjminton said...

Maybe she takes after her grandpop and mother in the language department. :)

Alana said...

Don't know about Pop Pop, but I do know that she far surpasses me! I actually struggled a bit to learn languages from a textbook. Did not come quite as easily as _I_ would have liked. For B, it seems almost instantaneous, but then those extra 25 IQ points she has on me don't hurt her a bit.

Philippa said...

What textbooks do you need Alana? I can see if I've any lying around.

I would also suggest you check You can get quite a few good books at very discounted prices.

Alana said...

I really like Rod and Staff books and need 6th grade english and Math, 4th grade english and Math and 8th grade english, and Teaching Textbooks Geometry.

Beyond that, my wishlist includes anything covering ancient history, biology (I have my eye on RealScience 4 Kids), a first year spanish text/teacher's manual (since no hablo espagnol).