Sunday, May 06, 2007


Nine months of mega stress....most of it that, after the first couple of months, I've managed to bury deep...are coming to a resolution.

What do you do after the stress is over? I think it all comes spewing out, to be resolved and healed. More tears today than I'd have thought necessary. And I'm so tired I can barely think.

It has everything to do with getting a car. Everything to do with dh's job situation resolving. All of that. It started last August and now it's resolved.

The good news is, my hair was short last summer, but when dh quit his job, I stopped getting it cut. Through the worst part of growing it out now, and it is healthier than it's been in years, past my shoulders and getting longer every day, and very, very curly.

So I got good hair out of the stress.

My first year back at homeschooling is almost over, and has gone really well. So that's more "resolution". Just a few more weeks. We are on the same schedule as the public schools, so not many more days. Kids have composition books filled with completed work. Not that anyone is looking. But it's a good feeling, nonetheless.

But yes, I'm ready for summer break. I seriously could use a vacation or a retreat, or something like that. But that ain't happening. So I'll muddle along and try to recover.

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Lauren S. said...

Isn't it interesting how sometimes it takes a lot of time after a storm or difficult time to realize the magnitude of it? I hope you can get some rest.