Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bad Luck Baking

I made a gorgeous strawberry cake last weekend. I was practicing, because my youngest daughter had indicated that she might want one for her birthday, and so I figured I"d try it. All natural. I took a gluten free/casein free white cake recipe (normal white cake recipe would do as well) and instead of 1 cup of milk, I used about 1.5 cups of strawberry puree. The strawberry puree was just about three or four cups of frozen strawberries thawed in the microwave and put through the blender. Whole fruit! Vitamins, antioxident-filled goodness.

And it was pink enough to satisfy even the most die-hard little pink-lovin' girl! This is what the batter looked like.

Finished, but unfrosted, along with some bread I'd also made:

I frosted the cake on Sunday mornig, with white buttercream (OK, margarinecream...but that doesn't sound as nice) frosting, and even sliced up a real strawberry to make a flower on the top of the cake. No picture, sorry.

Taking it out to the car, I dropped the cake! All over the back of my mini-van, my sandals, and the driveway.

It was pink! But we did not get to eat it.


Mimi said...

How sad :(

Theodora said...

Oh!!! Oh!!!! Oh!!!!!

Oh....Nothing can ever match the disappointment of watching the top scoop of ice cream...or in this case pink strawberry cake...hit the ground.

Oh, bummer.

saunca said...

Oh...that's terrible. But, I have to say I'm impressed with how pretty your baked goods look! YUM!