Up to my neck in Autism stuff. Trying to find a therapist for dd, a new doctor, etc. Learning about therapies available.

Worrying about not having a car and feeling like I really NEED ONE so that I can care for my kids properly, and praying that God will provide.

Praying lots about dh's job situation (if the company where he's contracting gets a bid, he will be hired on to the team!) What sort of insurance will they give us? Will it cover AS therapy? Will we be able to get reimbursement? (We just found out about a program to re-imburse families of Autistic kids for therapies up to $500 a month...this means we may actually be able to HELP our children instead of just ekeing along...God have mercy).

I"m exercising more. Getting stronger. I think I may have been blocking my guaifenesin by using too much stevia and drinking too much tea. No more of that. Been feeling too good lately, even when I take a double dose at night if I forget to take my mornin dose. When I shared that with my support group yesterday one lady immediately said: "OK, what are you blocking on?" Stevia. Ooops. A bit more pain today, so that is a good sign. Pain is good. Means I'm reversing. But much much milder than it used to be. I'm getting better. Following the hypoglycemia diet faithfully makes all the difference in the world in how well or sick I feel. It will always be thus.

I need lunch. Then I'm gonna work out.

I'm crocheting a pretty black lace edging on a black headscarf I made. Holy week is coming. I'm so excited! And the kids have spring break that week, so no school will be missed.

Much is being anticipated. Feels like we are on the cusp of some positive changes. I hope.

The lilac bush is budding green, and the willow across the street has a faint green blur to it. The birds are as busy and as sassy as ever. Cold snap. Matins on the back porch in a warm sleeping bag, today. The wind knocked my icons over. When various kids came out to the porch, I invited them to get in the bag with me, and that made for some good chatting. It's important to have those talks with one's kids now and then, even if prayers have to wait.


Anonymous said…
Im not sure what I have but I've been very fatigued for 3 years now. Started taking Guaifenesin...I can't take the stuff during the week it just makes me feel so terrible. Headache, irritable, really depressed...do you experience that too? please email me rfb_z@yahoo.com
Abouna said…
Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I shall keep you in my prayers and I hope that all your needs will be met.

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