Chocolate for Breakfast

...lets see how the rest of the day goes!

Hot cocoa: two heaping tablespoons of cocoa powder, four of splenda, dash of salt and lid of vanilla in pot...boiling water and stir. Add milk of choice as a "topper".

Chocolate nut butter fudgy stuff: take unsweetened peanut butter (in my case I used crunchy soy nut butter...any nut butter would work.)...a good sized dollop. Add cocoa powder and splenda to taste. Microwave for a few seconds (30 is more than sufficient) and it becomes easier to stir. This morning's batch was very dark and fudgy. Can be molded into balls, bricks, fake poop shapes (if you have an eight year old boy, you will understand the concept)...whatever. Sticking it in the freezer firms it back up and provides a candy bar for "on the go"...but who has time for that?

Protein. It's got all the antioxidants and "happy woman" chemicals that chocolate has. No sugar. Not a bad way to start the day.

I hurt my wrist yesterday whilst lifting weights. Today I must take a day off. But if the weather is fine, and it looks like it will be, I'll take a nice girly walk (girly walk is wearing a skirt and birkenstock sandals with kids in tow. Serious walk involves gym shoes/clothes and some sweat. Girly walks are more fun, especially when there are dafodills to be spotted and breezes and birdsong to enjoy.)


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