Today is just one of those days. It all started out ordinary enough. I'd even cleaned the kitchen very nicely last evening, so the clean tablecloth was waiting to greet me this morning. Everything was peaceful and in order and I did not even need to make sandwiches for my husband because he had leftovers from yesterday's lunch.

And even the weather is cooperating: in the sixties, sunny, breezy, warm. Springtime, daffodil bloomin' weather.

And I got a bunch of e-mails that required lengthy and involved responses...go figure...two different people asking ME about fibro and the guai protocol...I'm helping folks, right? But I totally forgot mornig prayers. How's that possible? (No, not just "I'll do it later", but acutal official forgetting.) And then the phone rang. And we found out that matushka had her baby, and could I make a couple of phone calls? Of course I could. So I left a couple of messages. Then my friend called and wants to know if I could swing by the hospital for a quickie visit. So I get the kids all situated, jump in the shower, interrupt my workout (not all in that order) and rush out the door when she comes. (I love having older kids!)

I get home and the living room is like an explosion, kids have been fighting the entire time, no one got their math done and someone is actually bleeding. (Ok, it was a very small toe cut, probably from a shard of broken dish that was not swept well enough on the dining room floor, but still....)

So the day is catywompus! Up side down. I finally did my exercises, and here I sit, in a nice sweat. I wish I had some sort of graphic to capture this lovely spring day, but he reality of it is, I think I'd better get off here and go pooper scoop the cat box and sweep the floors. THEN perhaps I will have earned some quiet on the back porch.

Oh, wait. I forgot. I have to give an english lesson. Such is life. I think it needs to take place out of doors.

Maybe doing my duty and then having some fun will turn this day right side up again. God have mercy on my happy but catywompus day! (I just like that word, and the fact that I get to invent how to spell it! That's what this entire post is really about, tee hee.)


DebD said…
Ahh, I've had days like that before... sans the clean kitchen.

Hope things improve.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a pretty good day, *I* think! Exciting, different, busy! All for mostly good reasons. Sorry about the mess and the cut toe, though.

Congratulations to Matushka as well!

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