Monday, February 12, 2007

Why Not?

Why not come home from school and go straight to your room and not tell anyone you are home?

Why not wear your favorite hat everywhere whenever you are not in school?

Why not hide under the table reading a book when you don't know how/don't want to socialize in Church?

Why not sit in the dry bathtub, fully clothed, reading a book because the light was on in the bathroom and it was too dark to read elsewhere in the house?

Why not hit yourself when you are angry instead of hitting the other person?

Why not swallow green peas like pills to fulfill the dinnertime veggie requirement?

Why not read along in the Spanish Vespers book instead of the English one, just because it's there?

Why not be best friends with your kid brother?

Why not have unmitigated empathy for another person?

Why not be so innocent that teasing is off your radar screen?

Why not describe choir music as "pink"?

Gosh, I love that brain!


DebD said...

Oh I love people like that.

Lightfinder said...

Sometimes I wish I could think outside the box, too. Sometimes I wish there was no box at all. Great perspective!

Theodora said...

I can relate to several of these things, especially wanting to sit under the table and read a book instead of socialize!

But, I'm fascinated -- what is "pink" about the choir music? The sheet music looks pink, or the music itself *feels* pink, which is truly most wonderful! -- ?

alana said...

My daughter has synesthesia: she experiences sound as both sound a color, often as colored shapes.

Imagine such a world! She likes it quiet...not too many voices talking at once.

Mimi said...

Why not indeed! Beautiful.

Mimi said...

Why not indeed! Beautiful.