Today I gave two hair cuts to my guys, helped my dh with a business decision, then went grocery shopping...bought my very oh-so-holy-local-happy-chicken-eggs and some organic veggies at the local health food store coop. Then headed over to the BEAST for the rest of my stuff. Unfortunately the meat I bought was
animal concentration camp meat, but oh, well. I'd be more of a vegetarian if my health would allow. As it is, my priest says to follow docs orders, and so I eat meat. All...the...freakin'...time. Yes, folks, it is possible to get sick of meat.

Got a crock pot of chili on for later tonight. Then I HAD to sit...for a long time. (Fibro happiness).

So I watched Sabrina (the one with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond that was made in 1995). I like watching 90's movies. In some ways I think I'm sort of stuck in the 90's with my clothes. I've just not gotten myself updated. And who cares, right? Not like anyone is looking at me, and besides, all the clothes nowadays are just slightly sluttier recycled '80's looks. Two years from now we'll be back into the 90's and I'll fit in again.

But I like romantic movies and Sabrina's a goody. I picked it up at wallymart (ref. above as the BEAST...666 and all that) for a mere pittance...on some cheap valentine's rack of romantic movies. I could have gotten Roman Holiday but I can't stand the way people talk in old movies. And I don't like the sound tracks, either.

What I really wanted to do was go do some thrift store shopping. I could have squeezed it into the budget if I'd opted not to buy the organic veggies. But I have absolutely no regrets. The veggies will be nourishing and good and better for me than any used stuff from the thrift store.

I know I wrote one day about this...about making choices, about cutting back in some areas to make more sustainable food choices. I've been learning to do that here ad there. Today the rubber met that road, I guess. A bit. Poking along in that general direction, at least. Now I'd better go eat a nice big salad.


DebD said…
Sounds like a very nice day. I enjoyed that movie too but like the older one better (the one with Bogie).

About doing it all at once. Every little bit helps.

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