The weather has turned!

The ten day forecast has highs in the upper forties to mid-fifties range! Lows right at or above freezing. Spring is COOOOOMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!

I'm so happy, happy, happy! about that, can't you tell? Still not warm enough for skirts and sandals, but the weather has turned! I"m so happy about this I'm almost crying, for some reason. Can you tell, I hate winter. I think I have a bit of SAD. I get depressed every stinkin' winter. And in the fall when the cold comes in...PAIN.

Spring is coming. Life will get better.

Woooo Hooooo!


Mimi said…

My crocuses are blooming!
Anonymous said…
I AGREE! Thinking about digging my tiny garden up on Saturday, planting whatever spinach seeds I have left, covering with clear plastic, and crossing my fingers!

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