Snow Days

Lots of cozy indoor time this week. School has been cancelled, all but half of yesterday which my dd did not attend since I took her to the doctor and when we dropped her off at school they told us that it was about to be let out so I may as well take her home. Fun stuff!

I was able to hit the library after my chiropractor visit yesterday ( back has NOT been hurting since using the measures I blogged about a few weeks ago, thanks be to God!) and get some light reading and videos to watch.

If anyone likes British Comedy, I highly recommend the BBC series Jeeves and Wooster. Too, too funny. My ten year old and I were enjoying season two yesterday, and she was spot on with her plot predictions. When I complimented her (she has a knack for literary analysis) she rolled her eyeballs and said: "If you do enough reading you start to see PATTERNS, Mom!"

I have been staring at the walls lately, unable to get myself in gear, among other things. I know what that is. It's called depression. I'm going to the doctor next week. The old brain chemicals need some help, methinks. Blah.

I want spring.


DebD said…
Ah, we LOVE Jeeves and Wooster. Even have a DVD set - how nerdy is that??!

Our favorite is the "Incident of the Cow Creamer." too...too funny.

Enjoy some good laughs.

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