Pizza with Soy Cheese

They LIKED IT!!!!!!! 3/4 of the pizza was gone and my pickiest eater declared he'd be having pizza for breakfast in the morning.

Thanks. Be. To. God!

One of my prayers/attempts this lent is to help my kids grow in their fasting discipline. It's hard on them to see Mom on a special diet, but they are growing in this way and their attitudes about it are pretty good.

Meanwhile, the minute lent started, my diet seemed to get MUCH harder, for some reason. Suddenly the bread cravings kicked in big time. So, it feels like fasting to me, too...self denial and all that stuff.

God help us!


Mimi said…
Glad it worked.

I had pizza with sauce, sun dried tomatoes, and kalamata olives last night. Yum.

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