Oh, to be a saint!

Heaven can be touched, it is nearer than we know
and I think the appearing of Christ will be a universal and simultaneous bursting through...like every cell of this earthly existence rupturing simultaneously to reveal the greater reality of God's Kingdom that lies just beyond our sinful physical eyes. The veil is so thin. It is so very very thin.

And I think that the appearing of Christ today, whether He comes again in glory now or later, can be a bursting through from heaven into and through the lives of His people, His agents, His saints.

The Theotokos, when she bore God in her womb threw and gauntlet down for the rest of us to pick, up: A challenge for us to rise to. Polycarp, submitting to tortures, Peter crucified upside down, Paul in chains, preaching, beheaded, Photini telling others and dying in a well, Mary living on air, prayer and the Holy Eucharist in the desert of repentance, Anthony in silence, Seraphim in his woods, Xenia in her foolishness, and Olga with her needles and potato pancakes and healing hands...these are the ones who teach us about what is really real.

And anything other than an intentional cultivation of this awareness...until it is a constant knowledge, a LIFE that I do not forget, an embrace of Christ with every breath, a longing for Him, continuous worship, continuous service, constant prayer...anything less is more the fool, stupid me, wasting my time.

Because really....once we've tasted heaven, what else IS THERE?????


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