Oh, the irony!

I'm giving up coffee...even the decaf kind. Actually, I've switched to decaf. Drink about a pot a day.

Today I decided to look it up at Atkins.com to see if it has any carbs. (Surely not! I thought).

Yikes! .8 carb per 6 oz....WHO only drinks six ounces of coffee???? Not me, that's for sure. I drink about ten times that much. And eight uncounted carbs (not that I'm really counting, but sort of roughly keeping tabs nonetheless) can push a person from weight loss into maintenance. This might explain some of my frustrations with this low carb diet my doc has me on. I'm on it for hypoglycemia control and pain control, but since it's so restrictive, I may as well loose some weight, right? Well, that part's been really frustrating over the past two year, so much that I keep liberalizing the diet while counting calories, but loosing the pain control benefits it offers.

I can definitely tell a difference in my pain levels and energy levels when I"m doing this versus not. So I must do this.

And yet, the name of my blog shall remain the same. Even though coffee is no longer such a defining thing in my life as it was four years ago when I started blogging under this address.

Course, I think I also shouldn't be eating deep fried funnel cakes every day, either. I think I'll save them for a Pascha treat!


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