The Mystery of the Missing Zinc Pops

My oldest, being the warning label reader that she is, decided to forego the scary Multi-symptom Cold Relief medication she seems somewhat in need of. I reached into the medicine pantry and pulled out a bag of zinc pops. At least she could do something to boost her immune system, right?


The sealed wrappers were perfectly intact, with the pop-sticks sticking out of them. But the zinc pops were MISSING. Just a few crumbles. There were no crumbles in the bottom of the bag that would suggest they got somehow crushed and spilled. Only two zinc pops remained. Upon close inspection, these offered us a clue about the missing pops.

The kids and I had a very very good laugh at the thought that the members of our local ant colony will have good immune systems this winter.


Mimi said…
Heee heee. Zinced up ants, just what we need ;)
Anonymous said…
How funny!

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