I got tagged!

It has been so long since I've sat down and read through my stash-o-blogs that I have bookmarked, that I did not know I'd been tagged. But it's not too late for this odd little meme, I hope.

Peculiar Me (six peculiarities)

1. I'm very picky about my bed time ritual: I have to have the covers and blankets perfectly straight and up to my chin with the sheet folded over the edge of all the blankets so my chin skin only touches smooth cotton. And the blankets have to be heavy.

2. I like being home better than anywhere else.

3. I don't like eating food I did not cook...from scratch. (This comes, no doubt, from all my health issues and food allergies...I've gotten paranoid in the last few years. I WILL eat food I didn't cook, of course, but it usually has to involve an embarrassing interview with the cook to find out ingredients, etc. Blech.)

4. I HATE driving.

5. I MUST be on time if it is at all within my power to be so.

6. I used to consider myself to be very "low maintenance" but now I realize that is so false as to be ludicrous, and I'm about as high-maintenance as they come. (Here's where my mother is probably rolling on the floor, laughing hysterically at my former delusions.)


Mimi said…
Great to get to know you better. Giggling at the realization you may be high maintenance, I think I am too.
DebD said…
Good stuff. I hate being late too. My poor family has to put up with my complaining all the way if we're running late anywhere.
Ruth said…
I also hate driving. And I think I am pretty low-maintenance, except when I'm pregnant. Then I'm pretty difficult.

Thanks for sharing this!
Lauren S. said…
Ha ha ha! That just made me think of When Harry Met Sally, when Sally says that she's low maintenance and Harry tells her that she's actually the worst kind of maintenance. She's high maintenance but THINKS she's low maintenance. I don't know why that cracks me up every time.
alana said…
Yes! That is SO me!

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