How Nerds Watch Football

So, my family decides to watch the Super Bowl today. Before today, we barely even knew WHEN the Superbowl would be playing. I caused some chuckles at the grocery store a few weeks ago when I was overheard speculating with my eight year old son that the Super bowl must be that weekend based on the proliferation of chips etc. in the center aisle displays. Silly me!

So, today, after taking a nice long post DL nap, I got up and the pre-show was on TV. Wes was home from his portable office (Laptop at the library) and I made a pizza for the others. Lucky me, some two-meat chili was already lurking in my fridge. I pulled out a bowl of Fritos, some pork rinds, and made up a bit o' guacamole and some diet rootbeer floats all around and we had ourselves an impromptu family football party.

Unfortunately, I was busy with the pizza in the kitchen when the Chicago Bears scored a touch down on the kickoff. I figure that is what instant replay is for. My favorite way to catch a game...actually, that's how nerds watch football.

We sit in the living room with a feast of food on the coffee table. We read books, and when the play by play gets animated and the crowd gets loud, we look up and catch the cool plays on instant replay. For one thing, the cameras are at a better angle the second time around. For another, we get to multitask.

And of course we all watch the commericals. Unless they are for Bud Light. Those are proving to be crass.

Well, here I am, blogging live from my armchair in front of the super bowl. It's almost time to turn off the TV for the half-time show. After all, we do have children in the room and we have our standards. But it's nice to know the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince got his name back.


DebD said…
Prince got his name back? I didn't know that.

I didn't watch the game, but if I had, it would have been similar to yours ;)
Sounds like you watch football just like I used to. I say "used" to because I no longer watch it. I no-longer have the time as I am involved with the Church and second, I find that football players, along with players of other sports have become very unsportsman like.

Any way, I was really taken by your "Superbowl" menu: Pizza,three meat chili, Fritos and "DIET ROOT BEER FLOATS" How does that work? lol
Liz in Seattle said…
You crack me up...that could be OUR living room.

We had company coming (dear friends, no stress), so we just glossed over some of the commercials, and noted that the Colts were ahead.

Not like last year, when we had well north of thirty people crammed into the basement of our split-level, producing three-digit decibel screams whenever the Seahawks did anything ( all).

And instead of chips this year, we had genuine Swiss fondue (Emmi, I believe), in our we-brought-back-from-Switzerland fondue pots. I think DH bought ten packs to lead up to Cheesefare!
alana said…
Fr. Gregori,

My doctor has me on a strict low carb diet and so I happened to have diet root beer on hand. Its about avoiding sugar, not going low calorie. I ate a portion of the sugar free chili, the some of the sugar free guacamole and a few bites of pork rinds. My lucky family had the other yummy stuff. The floats were made with real cream and the diet root beer...not with ice cream. So they were also "legal" for me. Doctor's diet. It helps. That's how it makes sense.

And I only half-watch football one game per year.
Alana, Now I get it. Sugar is one of the things I should cut down, but alas, so far I must admit that my love for sugar far out weighs my will power to cut down.

God Bless

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