I just have to share, because I've had several days of boring eating and tonight's dinner was anything BUT boring.

All on the HG strict diet:

Curried chicken: I took a dozen frozen drumsticks and put them in a large roaster pan, drizzled olive oil over, salt, pepper, chopped green onions and curry powder. Stirred it all around so that the pieces would get coated. Baked until done (about an hour) at 400 degrees Farenheit. The house smelled SOOOO GOOOOD!

Then I removed the chicken pieces to a platter. Added a cup of water to the juices/curry stuff in the bottom of the pan, and then poured it all into a small skillet. In skillet I added another tablespoon or more of curry powder (to taste), whisked in a dollop of sour cream and then a sprinkling of guar gum. I brought it just to hot (so the sour cream would not separate) then poured it over the meat on the platter.

On the side I sauteed mushrooms until almost done, with a few drops of lemon oil (I just sprayed cooking spray in the pan) and black pepper. Then added baby spinach. The mushrooms picked up the lemon flavors nicely and it really complemented the curry.

I did some leftover broccoli on the side but mostly ignored it once I started eating the chicken and spinach dishes. Leftover broccoli is boring.

But my goodness that was a yummy meal! And easy to make. Good for body and soul.

And THOSE leftovers won't be boring!


alana said…
Just testing my comment settings.
Sounds Yummy, when do I get to come over for a bite? (just kidding)

Honestly it does sound tasty
Mimi said…
Yum! I'd have it with tofu, being a veggie, but it sounds really good.


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