Monday, January 22, 2007

Books, lasagna, etc.

I've plowed through most of Omnivore's Dilemma, and that fine. I've sort of figured out his whole point and am having trouble mustering the energy to finish it, although in order to be fair, I must. Ho hum.

I've also plowed through the Kievan period in my Russian History book. (Riasanovsky)

Fr. Justin gave me a book by Serge Schmemman about two centuries of his maternal family's history. Happens to be the family of St. Juliana (my patron saint) as well. All of it very fascinating.

At least one time-waster romance novel thrown in for some R&R.

OK, enough about books.

Going to confession is good. House blessings are good. Made an extraordinarily good lasagna yesterday that I fed to my new priest and his family after the house blessing. The thing that made this lasagna so good was that it was not runny and did not fall apart. It was big. I used a container and a half of cottage cheese and three eggs. I cooked the whole thing slow in a 300 degree oven for however long it took. I think it was the three eggs and the slow cooking that made it hold together so well.

Of course, I didn't get ANY. I'm working on following my doctor's diet.

Time to face the January cold and go for a walk. Blarch.

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Mimi said...

Wonderful things going on in your household - interesting books that you've been reading (even the time-waster is good now and then, you know?)