Saturday, December 30, 2006

My New Favorite Blog to Read

I recently found out that Fr. Stephen Freeman from St. Anne Orthodox Church in Oak Ridge Tennessee has a blog. He's the priest who chrismated me, along with my whole parish, back in 2002.

Each time I read this blog, my heart is uplifted. It even seems to sing a bit at the words written there. Fr. Stephen has a way of expressing Orthodox spirituality in just the way that I would, only better. Reading his blog is like a window into many of my own ponderings, the things I keep silent about.

Might I recommend Glory to God for All Things ?

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Dixie said...

I agree. There is rarely an article on his blog that I don't point someone to. He is able to communicate the Orthodox faith with such clarity and expresses himself with a kind of humility and love that completes the package so well.

How cool that he was the one to Chrismate you!