Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My crummy metabolism

So, I've been in a bad way with the fibro this fall. Fall is always bad. Extra pain, less energy...therefore less walking. In fact the walking sort of came to a grinding halt due to leg weakness and pain/fatigue. I know in part the increase in my symptoms was due to the stress of my husband's "career transition". It's been weird, crazy, up-in-the-air and stressful. I was doing so well before. And now I've regained ten of those hard-to-loose (easy to gain!) pounds. Sigh.

And so, I try again. I keep putting forth the effort because I know if I don't keep it at bay, I'll be as big as a barn. I know dh appreciates my efforts, paltry though the results are. We all know what I'd look like without any effort. But it's so ding dang stinkin' HARD.

I feel so fluffy that I'm having Weight Watcher's flash-backs, and the thought of re-joining, frighteningly enough, is holding some appeal. Although I'm still 15 pounds lighter than I was this time a year ago.

But I need to get the ten off before they turn into twenty.

It is SO HARD, and SO MUCH WORK. And I'll be doing this for the rest of my life. That's a depressing thought.

But, here I go again.

Anyone want to join me?


Theodora said...

I'm really sorry you are not feeling well these days. Do things seem to take an upturn as spring approaches?

Theodora said...

Sigh. I realized after I wrote that that probably sounded completely condescending coming from someone who does not have fibro or any other particular health problem. Please forgive me. I intended genuine concern and interest.

alana said...

That's OK Theodora, I read what you wrote as you meant it. Usually once deep winter hits, without all the ups and downs in temperature, things are better but not great, and then the ups and downs of spring are hard, and summer with the heat and all is GREAT. At least that's how it's been so far.

I managed to walk two miles this a.m. and now my hips are really hurting and my energy is low. But, I"m off to fold laundry, just having cleaned up the kitchen. Teaching long division to a third grader is not too strenuous, either.

Thankfully I somehow had a surge of energy on Sunday afternoon and was able to get all Christmas shopping done in spite of hip pain, whilst kids at home put up the Christmas tree. It's nice to have competent minions. Unfortunately the fact that they can clean house does nothing for my waistline.

Amy said...

I can soooo relate. About the weight, not about the fibro. I can't even imagine how hard that would be. It's hard enough to lose weight when you aren't dealing with other health issues. As for myself, I am currently stalled at 25 lbs gone (but still, woo-hoo!), haven't lost any more since about June. I'm in WW on the advice of my priest (it's a long story) and am hoping to lose about 20 more to be in the upper "goal weight" range. So, I'm with you on that. Hang in there.

Paige said...

I'm on Nutri-System right now, a post-baby, tried-everything-but-amputation, mom feels sorry for me so she made it my Christmas present, act of desperation. I play racquetball on campus on Sunday afternoons, and while that may be out because of the fibro (is it?) we generally walk a mile or so to cool down afterwards. If you wanted, you could join us. They have tons of exercise equipment, it's virtually empty on Sundays, and it's $5 for a guest pass.

alana said...

Thanks for the invite, paige! I don't think I can make Sunday afternoons, but it sure is nice I'm not the only one struggling.

...I did Weight watchers after my first and it all came off so beautifully, and I was thinner than I'd ever been at that point....then I had another baby (and two more after that) and since then the weight has never ever all come off. Sigh.

Good luck with your efforts.

Meg said...

Personally, I *hate* Weight Watchers. It has done nothing for me but provide me with a little booklet that I can wave under my doctor's nose whenever she gets too uppity about weight loss. What works best for me is low-carb, but that's not awfully compatible with the Fasts! As for exercise -- sigh. At this moment, I can't decide what hurts worst, my feet, my knee, or a pulled groin muscle. And none of them will Just Go Away. So am I interested in joining you? Love to, but let me know what you're doing first -- WW I *won't* do.

Ruth said...

Sorry you feel so rotten. :-(

Hooray for competent minions! :-) They are competent because of good mothering, so enjoy!

alana said...

Hi Meg, I hate weight watchers, too. Go check out www.caloriequeens.com

That's what I do. It's just counting calories, but it's counting a normal amount of calories to sustain your goal weight, not doing less. So for me, I'm supposed to eat around 1800 calories per day. Much more liveable that the 1200 most diets offer.

I also eat lowish carb. But nothing comes off unless I diligently count those calories, no matter what else I"m doing. And diligently counting anything gets so old...but it must be done.

Luz said...

I know the feeling... sort of. I have a lupus-like thing and when it flares up in autumn/early winter I actually feel the energy seeping out of my body and when the muscle/joint pain starts I don't have any strength to deal with it.