Life the Universe and this'n'that and food stuff

I had a particularly horrid weekend. Church yesterday was especially bad and I found myself crying alone in the nave after common meal was over. I blame PMS and a bad conflagration of unfortunate circumstances. Saturday was equally bad for various reasons.

January is coming, and with that the inspiration to loose another 20 pounds this coming calendar year. I'm happy to report that despite all my imperfections, I am about twenty pounds lighter than I was this time a year ago, so on that front, 2006 has been a success. The world's slowest on-going weight loss and maintenance project, starting year three now, fueled by my fibro diagnosis two years ago and by the addition of some very sensible tools last year is continuing apace, I guess, despite a small recent setback and some very slow learning on my part. I shall continue to try, though, and that is worth alot.

In food news:

Two packs of mori-nu firm tofu fork crumbled and mixed with 2 T. lemon juice, 2 T. roasted garlic (2 minutes in the microwave did the trick) and some italian spices makes an excellent vegan lasagna filling.

"Just the chocolate" Hot cocoa: 1.5 heaping spoons of cocoa powder, pinch of salt, 1 tsp vanilla extract (unless using davinci syrup) and sugar or artificial sweetener to taste (OK, so I use 3 pumps of splenda sweetened vanilla davinci syrup and 2 packets of Stevia plus) and boiling water in a mug makes a good cup of chocolate. Notice that it's dairy free.

Exercise news:

I clocked the distance to Wallymart this weekend, and found out it's only 1.5 miles from home. That's walkable, not that I have any great desire to go there, but it's the only foot accessible store where I can buy splenda.

My kids can't wait, however, to take our "redneck stroller with a laundry basket stuff transport system" on a similar treck to the down town library.

I'm happy to report that we took our redneck cart (dubbed the "Ecotrekker") to Save-A-Lot for groceries and some exercise last Friday. One of my kids, while we were discussing fuel sources observed that the only environmental impact of something we push ourselves is "burps and farts"...not quite accurate when you consider the environmental impact of modern food production methods, but a very cute observation nonetheless.


Amy said…
Brilliant! I only have a small umbrella stroller left anymore, but I use it when I walk to the store. It's easier than pulling the wagon. Ecotrekker. Seems like there is a market for something like this.
Mimi said…
Hugs to you, rough days are rough.

You have always been and continue to be an inspiration to me - I don't want you to forget that, you hear?
alana said…
I just bought the stroller the other day for eight bucks and a walk to the thrift store (only 17 minutes on foot from home). Now I measure everything in the neighborhood by how long it takes to get there on foot.

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