1. That my fibro has calmed down for now and I actually have some energy!
2. For all the people in my parish
3. Old friends and new
4. New babies, new pregnancy announcements (not me!) and people in the world falling in love.
5. Nieces and Nephews
6. For kids who are past the diaper stage and into the mercenary chores for money stage (my kitchen floor has been mopped twice in the past week, and not by me!!!!).
7. Humidifiers
8. For the chance to make a baptismal gown and go crazy with embroidery and beading on it (drool, drool!)
9. Cotton bras.
10. That Oil of Olay in shower body lotion: saves my skin in winter!


Anonymous said…
I like Oil of Olay shower lotion but I always want to call it "Ole!" as in Spanish so I have to be very careful in the shop.
Mimi said…
Thanks be to God!

I need to check into Oil of Olay shower body lotion, my hands have been really dry lately.
DollyMama said…
mercenary chores for money--I'm right there with ya! Wish we had a few more people in that mindset around here....

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