Countercultural...sort of

So, last night dh and I sat down and listed all the pros and cons of buying another car now. You see, dear reader, I'm and living la vida local, not having a car, while he takes the family vehicle to work every day. It's not a commute where I can drop him off at work and pick him up in the evening. It's a "download a techie podcast to listen to while you drive" sort of commute. But it's working out.

So we listed our needs. Why do I feel like I need a car? Well, what if dd misses the school bus? That's a source of stress. What if someone gets sick and needs to go to the doctor? That's another. And there's the monthly chiropractor visit that my back desperately needs. Well, we decided to set aside a bit of cab money for the "just in case" emergencies. And I can either take a cab or beg a ride to the chiro once a month. It is, after all, once a month.

And I also can re-orient my thinking: We have a physician a mile away, there's a vet a mile away in the other direction. The grocery store is also about a mile away, as is the dollar store, and a Pharmacy. If I really really need something, a two mile walk will get me what I need. The bank is a mile and a half, as is the down-town library. That's a bit more of a stretch, but do-able if I'm having a good day physically and am desperate. More likely one of us would hit the ATM in the evening, or do the banking Saturday morning.

So, perhaps I should strive to be intentional about running errands on foot, combine it with my exercise program and get one of those baskets with two wheels and a handle to trolley purchases back and forth.

Live like a European, I say! After all, poor people have no choice but to walk all the time.

So, does this mean we are "poor people", or that we are being smart about our lifestyle choices? Hmmmmmmmmm?????


macrina younger said…
Both - because we are called to be "poor in spirit" as well as in cash - and not using another car not only saves money, but does the environment good too.

Build the positives and it won't feel like you have no choice! Or so I keep telling myself.
Mimi said…
Once my husband started to work out of the area, we went to being a two car family. But, there was a simplicity about having one car that I do miss.
Meg said…
And I *wish* I lived within a mile of life's necessities. I really miss being able to walk everywhere.
Askinstoo said…
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