Christmas Joy

It was so good to go to Divine Liturgy and meet Jesus this morning in communion. It was nice to get up before dawn. We all had our clothes laid out the night before, so getting ready was a snap and we were out the door by 7:15. It was still dark while we were driving.

The Nave looked beautiful: garlands of greenery, poinsettias and red and white roses. Our parish flower guy, Brian, invariably does an excellent job.

And my heart somehow filled with joy. It's like God knew exactly what I needed and He was there to meet me. It is a comfort to know that God comes in humility and meets us in our humility. Humility is actually attainable. Perfection isn't.

Now we are home again, the presents are over and done with, thanks be to God! This "keeping it simple" thing is really the way to go for me. Life is calm the kids are content and happy and there is organic beef and onions with chilli spices browning on the stove, awaiting the crock pot and tomato sauce for later when our guests come.

In a minute my oldest and I are going to make some fudge.

And then we are going to watch Superman Returns. That was one of the family gifts that found its way under the tree this year.

Have a blessed Nativity! Christ is born! Glorify Him, Alleluia!

(...only about 95 days until Pascha!)


Mimi said…
Christ is Born!

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